On the Road


Lough Gur Heritage Center

After a good night’s sleep, I picked up my car in Limerick and hit the road. My first destination, Lough Gur, was about 20 km south. Lough Gur is a megalithic site dating to 4,000 BC. Ancient dwellings, both round and rectangular, have been uncovered, and the Heritage Center is designed after these dwellings. The area was buzzing with activity as schoolchildren are still on holiday here, but I was the only one at the dwelling site.


Just 5 km away, is the Grange Stone Circle, the largest standing stone circle in Ireland, comprised of 113 stones and over 150 feet in diameter. Located right off the highway, the stone circle sits in a farmer’s field. As I walked up the embankment to the circle, a herd of perhaps 15 cattle came running, literally running, up to the fence. I don’t know if they were coming to greet me or warn me away. I began walking counter-clockwise around the perimeter and came upon four cows lying at the edge of embankment, on the opposite side of the fence. I didn’t question them, nor they me, and we managed just fine.


Grange Stone Circle

The Grange Stone Circle is an amazing site, and I could feel an energy as I passed among the stones, into the center. I can’t describe the feeling, nor explain what I felt, but it was a magical place. While I was there, a man came into the circle and after taking some pictures, he produced a large drum, possible a bodhran, and walked the stone circle, drumming. I was honored to have been present, in this place of our ancestors… and cows.

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