The Healing Power of Nature


The Inner Landscape of Beauty by John O’Donohue – A brief article by the late John O’Donohue that appears on Krista Tippet’s blog, On Being. Explore the entire website.


Awakening to Nature: Renewing your Life by Connecting with the Natural World by Charles Cook (2001). Almost a “how to” book, Awakening to Nature provides numerous examples of moving beyond our closed-off selves to rediscover the joy and inspiration that awaits us as we spend time in the wild.

Wild Comfort: The Solace of Nature by Kathleen Dean Moore (2010) – After experiencing the loss of several close friends and family in a short period of time, Moore retreats to nature to find comfort and restoration. This collection of insightful, nuanced observations of her time alone in the wild, gently reminds us of our own need to separate ourselves and find healing in nature.

Where Many Rivers Meet (Poetry) by David Whyte (1990) – Whyte, a Scottish poet, poignantly illustrates the various characteristics of different types of rivers, including rivers in the mountains, rivers that flow to the sea and rivers of loss. This beautiful writing inspires us to bear witness to water’s healing, cleansing, life-giving power.

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