County Cork, known as the Rebel County, is located in the Province of Munster. It is the largest and southernmost county in Ireland. County Cork was particularly hard hit during the Great Irish Famine of 1845-1850, and played a pivotal role in Ireland’s War of Independence from England in the early 20th century.


This gorgeous county is one of my favorites for visiting thin places. I have stayed several  weeks in this area and I continually discover new sites. Very old megalithic sites and early churches and abbeys are located here and I believe it is because of the very spirit of this place. Perhaps the spirit world is as close as the sea here.

Here are some of my favorite thin places in County Cork. You can learn more about these locations by reading my entries titled Crow Head on the Beara PeninsulaSacred Sites on the Beara PeninsulaGlengarriff, Garden of Ireland, and Discovering Cork’s T(h)in Places. The map found on this page is also useful: Mapping my Journey.

St Gobnait’s Church, Shrine, and Holy Well
Gougane Barra
Kealkill Stone Circle
Garinish Island
Drombeg Stone Circle
Healy Pass
Hag of Beara
Kilcatherine Graveyard
Crow Head Peninsula
Dzochen Beara
Derreenataggart Stone Circle
Toormore Altar Wedge Tomb
Barleycove Beach
and the Mizen Head Peninsula

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